Making an Effort: Bronzey Lids and Melon Lips

Ugh, I know. There are so many ridiculous “beauty blogger” words in that title.

But! I assure you, this Making an Effort is actually very simple to do.

Making an Effort, by the way, is something I just made up that is not dissimilar to my original fruitybeauty concept of Make an Effort Monday, except this one is way more wild because it might be on a Tuesday or even a Friday. I know! The new fruitybeauty is so outrageous. She probably parks in loading zones. Point is, sometimes we just gotta make an effort. Easy to become lazy and neglect all those delicious eye shadows and lipsticks we own. I do. Gary Pepper Girl would want it this way.

Here’s my MAE look, taken at the prestigious Zoe’s Car Studios. I like metallic eyes with girly pink lips. It balances it out, adds some softness. Bronzed eyelids with red lips are also pretty high up my favourite looks.

Bronzey Lids Melon Lips



Apply primer. It will make your skin look great. I used the Tom Ford Illuminating Primer, (fork out the $95 at DJs Elizabeth St and Bourke St) which is fucking incredible, if I may be so vulgar. It’s illuminating and skin-tone-evening, has some sunscreen and makes your skin look like you had a facial yesterday.

I compounded this glow by applying with my fingers the outstanding and much hyped Lancôme Teint Visionnaire liquid foundation, which deserves its own post, and may just get one. It’s designed for mature skin, (code for: will give radiance and glow and fill in lines, hence my favourite kind of foundation) and as such, gives my skin a rude shade of health. If I’m not wearing a lot of colour on eyes and lids I use BB or CC cream, but for this look I wanted a full and even base of foundation.



A quick swipe of cream bronzer over the lid, blending out just up and over the crease line, as is customary if I harbour any hope for my eye makeup to stay in place. I used Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in Beach Bronze which is a lovely sheer bronzey colour and terrific for green eyes.

Bobbi Brown Beach BronzeBeccaJacquard

I followed on with Becca’s Eye Colour (Shimmer) in Jacquard, pressing it in lightly with my fluffy shadow brush just up until the crease. Then, black liner along the lash line to define. (I blended a more little shadow over the line so it wasn’t so sharp or obvious.) And then mascara. My regular tubular gear, Clinique Lash Power, probably.


Filled them in (almost, anyone else see the gap atop my brow?!) Ahhh, what fun) with the Bobbi Brown brow kit, which is to say, a thin, stiff brush, and a brown brow powder. (Eye shadow works perfectly well, too.)


Not too much here. Don’t want to compete. Just a very soft swipe of the wonderfully illuminating St Stropez Bronzing Rocks, currently my favourite and most loved bronzer due to its ability to, well, NOT look like bronzer. It’s not for those who don’t like shimmer, (even though I find it sinks seamlessly into the skin and isn’t so much shimmer as ‘gleam’) but it is for those who don’t like a matte, muddy bronzed look, and who are capable of a light handed touch.

I take it, using a fluffy blush brush, along the top of my cheekbones and around like a boomerang along the top of my brows, and then super lightly blend into my hair line on the right and left sides of my head. I finished with a touch of Benefit Coralista blush on the fleshiest parts of my cheek.

Picture 9903



An oldie but a goodie – Laura Mercier Lip Color in Tangerine Cream. Loved this shade for about a decade now. A gorgeous pinky-melon-coral that brightens the face, whitens the eyes and teeth, and suits A LOT of skin tones. It does! It really does.



Since someone with terrific taste in fake jewels is bound to ask, is ZARA.


Responses to this drivel: 17 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 17 )
  • Anna

    YOUR SKIN!!!
    You should be proud.

  • Nikki

    Zo, I literally, LITERALLY, thought to myself just this morning, ‘LOOK at all my lipsticks. I have been lazy and neglectful for too long. What would Zoe say??’
    And so I am wearing soft brown eyes, bronzer, and a lovely bright Hourglass pink-coral matte lip. Winter, begone!!
    Love your work, as always.

  • Anna

    Zoe – I know think of you in the morning as a apply my makeup…not in a creepy way..just in an inspirational kind of ‘what would Zoe do’ kind of way. So I now….fill in my brows (cant leave house without doing this), a slick of mascara, a red lip (Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Romantic – current love), BB cream…and a little Nars Orgasm on the cheeks….a little MAE really does make a difference to your day…worth the effect, I say.

    A x

  • KP

    One Xmas in July – in August party face sorted thanks to you Mrs MAE ZFB.

  • Nat

    Where oh where can I find a similar lip colour in a mineral brand? Anything else but mineral makeup and I blow up like a puffer-fish!

  • Claudia

    As soon as I saw bought and purchased all, Fruity you are fabulous but your blog has made me broke. Meanwhile my skin and make-up looks fab…most likely worth it x

  • Meaghan

    I must be a fruity beauty geek but you’ve used this image previously & referenced different products (benefit & becca)…I’m confused

    • Lauren

      That’s what I thought Meaghan! I swear I’ve seen that photo on another post…possibly talking about Benefit’s Cha Cha Tint?

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Great post, making an effort doesn’t take much, errr, effort indeed! 🙂

  • Sal

    Gorgeous Zoe! Thanks for sharing.

    Epic BEAUTY GUIDE POST – where has this gone? I read it the other day and just came to refer back to it too book in for facial/eyebrows/wax etc.

  • Zoe

    Hi Zoe,
    Loving your site! I just tried to buy Tangerine Creme and it is apparently discontinued. Is there a similar colour you would reccomend?
    Thank you.x

  • kirsty

    hey meghan and lauren..i too must be a fruity beauty geek!! ive definately seen that picture before on a post, I thinks it might of been the one about what pallate/products ‘Mrs fruity’ took to NY with her …nude pallate and extras’s…does this help!!

    • Meaghan

      Yeah it does, because I bought the products in that post & they’re ace but thy haven’t ever looked like that pic so it’s got me wondering… Zoe foster I adore you but new products require new pics surely?…

      • kirsty

        just to clarify, benifit nude palatte and becca damask shadow in the NYC post [which just concentrated on ‘eyes’ rather that a total look…both sound great…just different products this time..carn’t decide what to buy though!…and fruity…your skin looks great…wish i could buy that..

  • Em

    Little question, oh wise one, primers with SPF? Will you get ghosty face in pics at night with these bad boys, even if they’re under foundation? Thanks muchos in advance xx

  • Bianca

    Hi, totes off topic but just wondering what your thoughts are on Shampoo and Conditioner… i’ve had diff hairdressers tell me diff things… some have said it’s ok to use supermarket prods like Pantene for normal shampoo and conditioner but to make sure I use a decent hair mask i.e. Kerastase… what are your thoughts? Any recommendations would be amaze xx

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