I loved doing this Chrimmus shoot for The Australian Women’s Weekly.

And not just cos I got to wear a breathtakingly glamorous Paolo Sebastian gown and have Brad Mullins do my hairs and Annabel Barton do my face and get to have some ‘keeper’ photos of me with my dumpling as a pudgy baby when I’m not in tracksuit pants with one side of my maternity bra still unhooked under my t-shirt, although that’s a valid reason.

I did the shoot to support Redkite, an important charity that supports (financially and emotionally) children and young people with cancer, but also their families and carers. They receive no government funding at all, and rely solely on the generosity of The People. (Donate here, if you choose.)

There is a behind the scenes video here but not here.

And me aside, it’s a bloody cracking issue of The Weekly. It’s Christmas on Red Bull. Incidentally, The Weekly has become my favourite magazine of late (largely because of the brilliant Caroline Overington), and not just cos of all the cake pictures.



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Responses to this drivel ( 1 )
  • Claire Chadwick : Mum's Closet

    Absolutely stunning Zoe. Dumpling babies are the BEST! So deliciously cuddly!
    C x
    P.S. I’d love to send you an email in regards to something blog related – but I can imagine that you’d get bombed with zillions of emails daily and therefore don’t have a public email address on site. How can I contact you? x

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