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Bioderma Crealine 500ml

I concede it is not a new product, actually, but a new size of a product (twice the usual 250ml) that we already all love, and is, ‘ow you say, magnifique. I’ve written about it before, and so has every person who has ever:

Been into a French pharmacy and bought some because they read about it on a blog or in a magazine
Been French and just known about it since birth, thank you very much
Been on a photographic shoot and had their makeup removed for a new look with this gentle, soft, powerful cleansing water
Been a model or a makeup artist or celebrity, because they go mad for this shit.

It can easily qualify as your night time cleanser, so thoroughly and wonderfully does it remove makeup and grime, but I prefer to use it as a makeup remover, then cleanse when I get in the shower again (for the heavier stuff like sunscreen and primers etc.)

(It’s a limited edition, this 500ml, and will be available via Adore beauty and Priceline and selected stockists just before Christmas. Buy regular-sized Bioderma Crealine st these places right now, this second.)


Jurlique Rosewater Intense

Mists are underrated. They are far more than just nice smelling water, they can tone, calm, soothe and depending on the formula, even brighten or firm or exfoliate. I apply a few mists before I apply makeup to ensure the face is happy and hydrated, and then often when it is complete, a few more to set it, and add just that touch of glow. Also, I keep one on my desk for squirts through the day. They smell good. Make me relaxed. Do nice, moisturising things to my computer face.

Jurlique’s new limited edition Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense, $69 is probably good looking enough and scented so deliciously that it need not incorporate a charity angle, but guess what, it bloody well does. Jurlique have an umbrella charity called the Ideas of Beauty Fund, which exists to support and empower women all over the world. This particular product sees them contributing a portion of each sale of this mist to AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience), which helps Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders complete high school at the same rate as all Australians, and more specifically, to help 500 young women become mentors for the program, which is obviously terrific. Also, it smells great. Which I think I mentioned. (And rose is the new gardenia, fragrance wise.)


CoverGirl LiquilineBlast

In scary news for some, exciting news for others, blue, aqua and green eye makeup is trendy again. I blame/attribute this to Pantone calling emerald green the colour of 2013. In any case, I think we can all agree a huge splodge of these colours on the eye suits only the very young, the very fashion-forward, or the very on-stage-in-an-80s-musical.

So, sneak into the trend (and in all honesty, watch your iris explode with new depth of colour, esp if it is blue or brown) with just a line of colour on the upper lashline. OR, smash a few cool-o-meters, by leaving the top lash line bare, (LOTS OF mascara notwithstanding) and do the lower lashline instead, smudging it in for a lived-in look. Oooooh, get you!

I like the CoverGirl Liquiline Blast liners in general, ($14.95) but found this shade, ‘Blue Boom’ to be quite fun for this exact style of makeup hooliganism. It’s soft, waxy and easily smudged (with a brush or the rubber smudger on the opposite end), but also stays nice and put when used as a thin, precise liner, because it’s waterproof, innit. You DO need to sharpen it, which might sound obvious, but with all the self-sharpening crayons out there, is worth mentioning.

Obviously if there are any new products YOU are enjoying, you ought to list them below. Can’t be all one way now can it? How terrifically dull that would be.

Responses to this drivel: 38 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 38 )
  • Carisma

    I bought the Bioderma product before based on your recommendation and IT REALLY IS AMAZING! So amazing last time I ordered it online I purchased 2 bottles so I have enough to last me at least a year. It leaves your face so fresh-feeling unlike most makeup removers!

    • Shelcee

      I have to agree, I’ve just been out and bought this after reading your blog. One of the best investments I’ve made in beauty products this year. Removes so much makeup and dirt your skin is left feeling so soft and clean. Wow! Thanks Zoe, great recommendation.

  • Lizzy

    Zoe, I had a facial at Made on your recommendation and it was superb, thanks for the tip!

  • Simone

    Thank you France! Bioderma is a total god-send for people like me with crazy sensitive skin, it’s the ONLY cleanser I can use and there is nothing else like it.

  • Mirelle

    Indeed Labs’ Hydraluron – easily available in Priceline, has one of the highest quantities of pure hyaluronic acid. Put under moisturiser, it helps moisturiser do its thing. I noticed a difference in my skin the very next day!

  • Carrie

    Speaking of Covergirl… for the past few years I have spent rather large amounts on trying to discover a good mascara that lives up to said lash promise and I was always left disappointed. Whilst in Priceline the other day I picked up Covergirl’s Lashblast Volume and I can happily report that it has ticked all my boxes 🙂 However my search continues for the best anti ageing cream. Before it’s too late!

  • jess

    RMS Beauty oil, all natural the best thing under night cream and for dry skin love it and it smells like teddy bear biccies! what can be better than that!?
    Also LOVE Bioderma great to use when you are travelling as you don’t need to wet your face first perfect! =)

  • Trish

    Would love to give this cleanser a go! Anyone know where it can be bought in Melbourne? Adore Beauty seem to have the 250ml only at the moment… thanks 🙂

  • Natalie

    Hi Zoe!! I would love your opinion on an amazing primer!! Its much needed! Thank you 🙂

    • Miranda

      Try benefit or smashbox. At the moment I’m using hourglass mineral veil with SPF 15 which is a beautiful texture, so silky smooth! But muchos dineros. For a cheaper option try Napoleon Perdis, or I think stila does a reasonably priced one (get it at Mecca). I like to mix primer with tinted moisturiser too for a lighter base on the weekends.

  • Ally

    When my mum was in France last year I asked her to buy me a bottle Bioderma Crealine st after I’d read your review. It is BRILLIANT! Best make-up remover ever. 500mL bottle too 😉

    Also … AIME is an incredible program doing unbelievably good things for Indigenous kids. I was an AIME mentor last year and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

  • Amie

    I nearly had kittens when I saw that Bioderma AND La Roche Possay were now available in Priceline. I stocked up on several items while in France last year. Bioderma also do a marvelous moisturiser for oily skin. It is the bees knees. Bioderma is a miracle cleanser. Such a huge part if my skin care.

  • Sekai

    Thanks Zoe. I love Fruity Beauty… and I LOVED the post about different beauty armies across the nation – brilliant. Can anyone help me find a good body lotion for dry ‘more mature’ skin? Thnx

    • Miranda

      Try Kiehls creme de corps. It’s not cheap but it works. The body shop’s body butters are lovely. Just quietly, try the Natio miracle one-minute body polish. It leaves your skin beautifully soft and smelling good for days!

      • Sekai

        Thanks Miranda. Will do. 🙂

      • Nikki

        I have to second the Khiels Creme de Corps nomination… unbelievably good moisturiser. I have chronic dry skin / dermatitis / eczema and this stuff doesn’t irritate and leaves skin so healthy.
        For a similar, less exxy option, I also like Palmer’s Fragrance Free… but it does have a slightly clinical smell… and I always think sensitive skin deserves to smell good just like everyone else!!

      • chippochic

        Hi Miranda I just looked for the Natio product with no results. Are you sure it’s Natio? It sounds so good and i would like to try it. thanks

    • Kelley

      Try St Ives Body Lotions – I use Deep Restoring – Shea & Almond Oil and Mum loves Naturally Soothing – Shea & Oatmeal. $7ish for 621ml.

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Ooh, that Jurlique mist sounds interesting! I also love the look of it.

  • Monica

    I too love the Bioderma Crealine and have become an avid user after seeing it on your blog Zoe! Just to let the jetsetters amongst you know that in some countries, it is being rebranded as Bioderma Sensibio. My sister just bought some in Dubai and I was very confused that the bottle was the same but the name was different!

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  • Bree

    Picked up a twin pack of the Bioderma for a ridiculously low price when I was in Paris a month ago! It’s pretty darn good! The French know their skincare (those pharmacies may have been the reason I had to purchase an extra suitcase for the flight home).

  • Melanie

    Ah! Since when does Priceline stock bioderma? Woohoo!

  • Helen

    Zoe as u know jurilque has been around for a long time and it’s great that its an Australian company and natural ingredients! (I used to use them all the time but the price has stopped me due to a life changing health issue and unable to work) I would love and have been hoping to read some reviews on their products to hopefully save (or hint when Xmas comes round!) for what would be the best items from their glorious range. Or it maybe that other products would be better? Either way I would love to know, thanks and I love ur reviews 🙂

  • Helen

    Can anyone tell me if they have the same issue…I access this app from my phone and I am wondering why I can’t see the replys to the replys that people write??? Thanks all xx

  • Panda Eyes

    Is Bioderma an eye makeup remover too? I use Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and Benefit They’re real mascara and nothing I’ve tried (and I’ve tried most everything) can remove all traces of product.

    • Helen

      I had the same prob with waterproof mascara and bought 2 diff eye makeup removers that didnt budge it either and had read about cleansing oils so used a lil apricot kernel oil I had and it melted the mascara away without my eyes reacting unlike the eye make up removers did. Been using oil since and I am sure my eyelashes have been loving it also!!

  • Anna

    My new purchases this week: Rimmel lash accelerator – just grabbed it in the supermarket..and it really does give a ‘false lash’ effect, and won’t give you that smudgy black above your eyelashes after you apply it (i find this especially with maybelline)….so you just wack it on..and go..no need for cotton tips to tidy up….AND after Zoe’s recommendation on intsy I got a revlon just bitten kissable..and I cannot recommend it highly enough..it’s waxy, and stays on, and easy to apply…and has the best colours – i got romantic..and it’s a beautiful red, but not to OTT. LOVE!!!

    This is great – keep them coming!!!

    A x

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