I made a new book.

It’s called, ‘How To Write Intriguing, Interesting and Punchy Book Titles That Will Make People Immediately Want To Pick Up Your Book and Read It.’

Ha ha ha! As if. I would never use the word intrigiung because I can’t actually spell it. (See?)

But seriously, I am releasing a new book in June!

It’s called Amazinger Face, because, well, it is. In that it is the much-needed update to my beauty book, Amazing Facewhich I wrote back in 2010, and which is still glorious, but needed a makeover.


The cover. Still a total babe.

img_13731321 year-old me signing it back during the book tour.
And that’s Molly, from memory…

There are a few reasons I believe Amazing Face needed an update. (And yes, so does Textbook Romance probably, but guys, I’m so busy with my turnip farm and pet ferrets that there is just no time right now.)

1. My position on sun protection has changed. A lot.

I went for a facial last year and at the conclusion, the funny and extremely well-informed facialist presented her copy of Amazing Face with 400 post-it notes jammed in it regarding things she wanted to discuss or contest. Mostly regarding the stuff in there on skin care and sun protection, which I thoroughly agreed with her needed updating, because it was too brief for one, but mostly because since writing the book, I have made an evangelical, noisy switch from chemical sunscreens to physical, and I hated there being a book out there with my name on it that didn’t reflect my passion and education on and for properly applied sunscreen, and also, of course, physical sun protection.

 2. The beauty landscape has changed.

When I wrote Amazing Face, us beauty editors were the only ones really communicating trends, reviews, tips and technology to you, the beautiful public. Now there are countless vloggers, bloggers, makeup artists, derms and hair stylists with a shiny Youtube channel, a fat sack of Instagram followers and a pretty great technique with a foundation brush, actually.

Also, since the proliferation of online shopping, social media, and retailers like Sephora landing in Australia, we have access to around six billion more products and brands than when this book first went to print, and I wanted to include and honour these new kids on the block.

3. Products come and go.

Nothing like going to your favourite, best-ever beauty reference book (too much?) to see which nude nail polish you should buy, only to find the one recommended has been brutally yanked from shelves. War and famine aside, there might not be anything worse.

So, I went through every single product I mention in the book, and I checked if it was still:

A) Available

B) Relevant

C) The best I had tried in that category

D) Tasty on crumpets.

And look, some were still around, and some were still the best on offer, but many were not, or had been surpassed by a sexy new offering from another brand. You cannot believe how many new products I have jammed into Amazinger Face you guys. It’s friggen filthy with them.

4. I have written a lot of beauty content since then.

(And had a baby, so I know heaps more about stretch marks and pigmentation now. Lucky me.) It seemed silly to waste five years of pretty helpful beauty advice, and not fatten up and update a book that I adore and am so proud of, especially when cuteheads pop photos of it next to candles and other pretty tone-parallel books on their Instagram feed.

5. I made some of my own beauty products.

Since releasing Amazing Face I have launched a simple, effective, irritant-free skin care line, Go-To, because I felt there were gaps in the skin care industry that I knew how to fill, because yes, I really am that arrogant.

I wanted to include my products in my beauty book, because I believe in them, and of course I think they are the best in the category or why the frigdog would I bother making them. Don’t worry though, it’s subtle. I’m not that gross. Or AM I.

6. I have a phenomenal designer.

Allison Colpoys, her name is, though I refer to as Queen Magical Designypants. Al kind of created a whole new book design when Amazing Face came out; her work was (and always is) somewhere in the future, superfresh and unlike anything else out there. I’m SO LUCKY TO HAVE HER. When Amazing Face was finished neither of us could imagine a better, more delightful design.

But zoom in your spacemobile to 2016 and we have both grown up, and changed our style, and are inspired by new things, and so, in the same way I wanted to refresh all the copy and products within the book, Al wanted to overhaul the entire visual feast. Which she did. And it’s absolutely lush. Godammit she’s talented. (Buy her stationary range here! Her tear-inducing children’s book here!)

7. I get bored and need new projects.

And believe me when I say/write that even though it’s just an ‘update’, it has been quite the project.



Proofing is terrific fun! Ask any author!

Anyway! All done now. Almost ready for you to get your mitts on. Here’s the new cover. Here’s the new look. Here’s my pretty, papery sweetypie.

Amazinger Face, Zoe Foster Blake

Amazinger Face is officially on sale June 27, but if you’re smart and cute and smart, you’ll pre-order now, here (and get almost 20% off.) That’s what a smart and cute and smart person would do.

And hey. Thank you to all of you for buying and reading Amazing Face. The feedback you have given me over the years on that book has brought me much joy, satisfaction, and many happy tears, not to mention acting as the catalyst for me to start Go-To.

I’m positive you will love her sophisticated younger sister just as much, even if she does borrow your leather jacket without telling you sometimes.



Responses to this drivel: 25 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 25 )
  • Ria

    How exciting! I’m really looking forward to this! Will an ebook be also released? Or is it just physical copies?

    Congratulations!! 🙂

  • Kate

    Pre-ordering now! Can’t wait Zoë! Amazing Face has long been my ‘Go-To’ (see what I did there? Wink!) since 2010 and I know the new Ms Face is gonna be a new bestie.

  • Margs

    Tasty on crumpets is most important information.

  • Siobhan

    Yay! So exciting. Will there be any updates to the app? Still use and love that too!

  • Melissa

    So excited for this release! (And it will be my birthday too – great choice of release date!) 😉
    Pre-ordered my copy already!

  • Caitlin

    My sister and I were only just talking about needing a new version of Amazing Face last week! So happy happy joyous right now! xx

  • Alice


    Out of curiosity, what changes would you make to Textbook Romance? Loved that and have given it to many a friend.

  • Tae

    This made my g-damn diggity day

  • Steph

    Please tell me there is a replacement for your recommended Maybelline Taupe eye shadow that is no longer available and I miss it dearly (so far tried five different alternatives to no avail) :(… 

  • Cathy neave

    Is a woman in her 50s too old to buy the book??

  • Karli

    I loved it then, went to the book tour and all. It is still my go-to for smokey eye and red lip application. Love your work ZFB

  • Court

    Very exciting news obviously- just wondering though if it will be available as an iBook, and also if this means an app update?? 

  • Victoria

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee update the app and make Amazinger (why have I never used that word before?) Face available as an e-book! Pretty please with crumpets on top.

  • Dan

    Will your new book be available in a digital edition? I live in a caravan and therefore am “space challenged” but not without need of the help you offer so abundantly in this book. 

  • Meg

    I second (100th) the motion for an e-book and a app update! (ps if I could only have 1 I chose app update… To pushy? Sorry )  xx

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  • Koi

    Will you be doing any book signings in Victoria per chance? because it would awesome to meet the amazinger author and get a signed copy. Just saying =)

  • gk

    Hi Zoe, congrats on the book, I bought the kindle version and much enjoyed reading it. But…..I have to comment on you recommending colonics…..I’m a doctor, and I think it’s unsafe to recommend, you’ll find most medical professionals hold this same opinion.

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  • Amanda

    Is there any chance you will make the new book into a app or add it onto your existing app??? 

  • Molly

    Was just casually scrolling ze blog and recognised that photo! That actually is a 21 year old me super thrilled to get my hands on Amazing Face 🙂 

    Will definitely have to update my book collection with the new edition! X 

  • Nicola

    Can you talk about how to clean belly buttons and whether pore strips are good?

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  • Penny

    I’m reading textbook romance. Any tips for online dating apps re: the Chase?

  • Catherine lalor

    What is the differance between this book and
    Amazing face are they two different books or the same but different covers. I would really like to read about skin care and the best ingredients for my skin.

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