And now something for the die-hard fruits.


It’s the day!

It’s the day we (kind of) lift the (still pretty opaque) veil on my skin care line, Go-To!

Yes, fruits, a full month before we unleash the site and the products on the rest of the world, you loyal fruits, the gorgeous dames who have diligently indulged my my beauty dribbles since 2006, you have the chance to try them first. Well, some of them. Three of the total five, to be exact. Oh come on! It’s a sneak preview, I can’t be giving everything up on the first date. I’m not that easy.

You can read all about this special 48 hour fruitybeauty/Go-To pre-sale here, or you can just pop your swimming cap on and dive right in.

Remember: The sale begins today, Tuesday March 4 at 10am, and concludes in entirety at 10am Thursday March 6. The Go-To site – our “flagship store” – will then retreat back into its cute turtle shell until we launch proper on April 1.

Also remember: We will be releasing the (admittedly pretty) limited stock in bursts, so there’s no need to panic and all go online at 10am today. If you get on there tomorrow morning, I assure you there will new stock be ready to go. If you go on there Thursday morning… well, you can try your luck. Who knows. All products sold in pre-sale will be shipped the last week of March, the idea being you receive them before Everyone Else, who won’t receive theirs til post April 1.

I thank you in advance for all of your spectacular support and excitement, and wish you the fantastic skin you bloody well deserve.

Oh. And here’s that link you’ll be looking for. It goes live at 10am, EST.

… Viva la pre-sale!


Responses to this drivel: 85 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 85 )
  • Ames

    Super exciting! Can’t wait to try this out

  • rachyroo

    Cats being jerks……..hahaha!

  • Tara

    Yay! I’m so excited to try Go-To, Zoe!

  • Karina

    Hey Zoë! Will you be releasing each morning or throughout the day as well? Much Love, x

  • Dee

    Cannot contain my excitement Zo!
    Have been a fan since day one..
    Pre-sale for your and JT on the same day… It must be a sign of something great!
    Much love and congrats on your monstrous success! xo

  • Courtney

    I just jumped on to buy some and saw the prodz will be despatched late March… Which is when i’m leaving on a jet plane to Europe! Bummer, I know. Will just have to wait until I get back. Assuming I have room in my face cream rotation with all the french pharmacy goods I intend on buying. ps, the range looks great!

    • fruity

      There is ALWAYS room for French pharmacy prods…. Although, I reckon you can definitely skip Embryolisse and go with my Go-To face cream instead.

      • Courtney

        I’ve already given Embryolisse a go. I don’t get it! Did nothing for me and seemed to be fully of heaps of chemicals I couldn’t even pronounce. No thanks. Thankfully I could pronounce all the words in the Go-To face cream ingredients…

    • Fruity

      Good point btw! All pre-sale products will be shipped the last week of March. Just before the not pre-sale products are ready to be shipped.

  • melanie

    just brought my go-to products, cant wait to get them xx

  • Kate

    Sooo, can I just tell you how much you have nailed that website – I love how the hilarity goes all the way from the actual web pages to the login pages to the confirmation emails. We* have noticed, and we* likey.
    *We….I mean me. I like to sound more important than I am.

    • fruity

      I prefer ‘we’… makes me think there’s a big important group of you there with clipboards, all judging and approving.

  • Joanne

    I must confess that I jumped straight online, bought everything, and only then did I go back and actually read what I’d just bought. Such is my trust in your exceptional taste and skill 🙂 I’m so gosh-darn excited!

  • Rachael

    Hi Zoe! Just wondering if you have some other information about the products like the ingredient lists, weight and how many swipeys come in that exfoliator jar? Or will that info come later when all the prodz are released? Thanks!! xo

    • fruity

      Hi! All of that is on the site on the product’s info page… Just click on the product and it will take you there. You’ll see: What is this? How do I use it? What’s in it? under the product name.
      Ps There 50 Swipeys in a jar… will last you ages!

  • Sophie

    Zoe – just bought your exfoliating swipeys. Can’t wait for it to arrive! Quick question.. should these be used daily and is morning or night better??

    • fruity

      Oh, that’s all on the site under ‘How do I use it.’
      It will also be on the actual product.
      (But 2-3 times a week maximum, is the rule with the swipeys.)

      • charlierose

        I really want me some swipeys (also loving the name!) but I use a gycolic acid toner every day- would using these as well few times a week be too much?

        • fruity

          Ooh, glycolic toner every day! That’s a lot. I would love to recommend that if your skin is in pretty good shape, you ditch the daily glycolic and use Swipeys a few times a week for your AHA hit instead. Faaar more gentle.

          • Chester

            Thank you 🙂 Order placed and I will be creepily standing by my mail box for the whole last week of march!

  • Catherine

    It would be useful if there was information about the volume of each product (mL). Perhaps it’s there but I can’t easily see it?

  • Sarah

    Zoe!! I truly cannot wait to try these – ordered and paid for 🙂 will certainly be writing about them on my blog too, eeekk!!

  • Katia

    Hooray! I managed to hide from my children in a cupboard long enough to place my order! My day just improved greatly. Thanks Zoe!

  • Kate B

    Zoe, the body oil sounds amazing – but at 85mls for nearly 50 clams, I’m assuming it is for targeted rather than all over use. Could I blend it with a regular moisturiser to super duper it?

    • fruity

      Hi Kate, yes, best to use on targeted areas… or you can blend with moisturiser, or you can use to fight stretch marks or you can use just on your chest and arms in a sexy dress or you can do whatever… you will find it’s got a LOT of spread for just a teeny amount of balm/oil, and therefore you will find it will last bloody ages. (Also, the ingredients are extremely precious, certified and incredibly pure, which is why 50 clams is completely appropriate.) Enjoy!

      • Kate B

        Thanks Zoe. Certainly wasn’t suggesting it wasn’t worth every penny. Just on the look out for an all over body moisturiser. Might do the mix in and keep it up my sleeve for special uses. xx

        • fruity

          Oh I think you could definitely find space for an all over cream lotion and Exceptionoil.. they both have mad skills that your skin will love! (But trust me on the last-ages thing… will take you bloody yonks to get through a tube of EO!)

  • kirsty

    onto this site in a flash…read with intrest all the products inside out and back to front!…loveing the sound of them all…wonderful to see a moisturiser that is pot packed full of nasties and AHA”s /hydrolic acids etc… I have been recently tallked into serums. cleansers exfoliators, Vit A B C etc for my ‘ageing’ skin [im 45!], and now feel like my face is ‘totalyy confused’and ‘burning’ off….YIKES….You are my saviour…and carnt wait to try them all….You are indeed a super dooper “wonderwomen”…
    Can i suggest a ‘comments/review section to each product for us buyers/users….can be handy and good feedback foryou?

  • Libby

    $9 for postage? Sadface

  • Grace Russell

    The website is amazing and made me smile the whole way through – already made an order!!
    Thank you and congratulations!

  • Amber

    Yay for you Zoe! yay yay capital A! I bought one of each. Can’t wait for the rest. xxx

  • Sophie Landells

    Just bought the exfoliation swipeys and exceptionoil, I can’t wait to use the oil on everything! End of March seems so far away though but as they say good things come to those who wait 🙂 I loved the website and the random fun facts on the home screen, spent a while refreshing waiting for the next tidbit.

  • Amelia

    Oh my GOLLY I’m so excited! Such a delightful website for such awesome prodz! Exceptionoil bought and paid for and I’m sure when the end of March rolls on I am going to get an AWESOME surprise from past self for getting in on this excellent fun pre-sale 🙂 Thanks Zo! Am I allowed to squee? I want to squee! Yay! x

  • anastasia

    Hi Zoe – fantastic!!! Just wanted to ask does the face cream have SPF and if so what level?

    • Fruity

      It does not. It’s been created solely for hydration and anti-oxidant protection. (Have a look at the product info on the site for full details.) Rest assured I will be tackling a physical sunscreen immediately if not sooner…

      • Amelia

        Now THAT is exciting news! As a physical sunscreen devotee (and even bigger ‘do what Zoe says’ devotee!), I would gobble up your Go-To version!! (Don’t worry, not literally.)

  • Sarah Ayoub

    I’m really lazy with my beauty routine and I hate having a lot of products (because I inevitably never use them). I loved Amazing Face because it saved me from trying a bunch of stuff for different things – I just indexed my concern (eg: wrinkles) and voila, I had a product recommendation for my age and skin type. And even though I have an unfinished novel due in 3 days, I thought I’d waste a little time and just jumped online to check out Go-To (not ‘needing’ to buy anything). Immediately loved the idea of the exceptionoil – one thing that looks after all the things AND is natural. Hurrah. Then I bought the Swipeys as well, just for good measure. I can probably blame the sassy colours and fonts on the site for that. Congrats Zoe – what a great milestone. Looking forward to trying them out.

  • Lauren

    So stoked! Remembered halfway through the day about the pre-sale (baby brain) and was busy with patients until now so was worried there might not be much left until tomorrow but yay all was available and very easy to buy yay!

    These prodz are safe for preggo ladies like yourself and myself arent they? (I’m assuming they are because you made them but just wanting to treeeeeeple check)

    So excited about getting the goodies 🙂

  • Sarah

    Hey Zoe-Bro, Just stocked my cart full of all three pre-ordered prodz. I am SO SO SO freaking excited… BUT, I have a question!

    I’m currently on Accutane, and although my Dermatologist told me to stick to Cetaphil (& simmilar) prodz – I like to rebel, and refuse to be kept away from trying new and amazing things (with caution, obv). In your expert opinion, is there anything in these that would be too harsh for my currently crazy sensitive skin? Or are they all so gentle and natural and amazing I can just go nuts slathering myself head-to-toe in Go-To as soon as it arrives on my doorstep?

    Anyhoo, I am so excited and so happy for you! Congratulations on this huge step and I’m wishing you all the success in the world for this amazing line! 🙂 🙂

    • Sarah

      I am another Sarah on Roaccutane and was wondering the exact same thing!! I was going to wait it out for four months until I finish my course but am interested in your opinion, Zoe. Clinique and Kiehl’s have gifted me (ha!) with hectic itchy water blister-like rashes… But the lovely, friendly looking ingredients in the Go-To moisturiser are looking rather appealing…

      Either way am SUPER excited to give these products a try in the not too distant future!

      • Trisha

        Hi there,

        I’m not a Sarah, but a Trisha and am on Roaccutane, really want to give your products a go, especially the moisturiser and oil, but also have the same question – would your products be ok for my ridiculously sensitive, red crazy skin!

        P.s Keep up the awesome work with your 3 ‘babies’! And I look forward to trying your products at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later!

    • fruity

      Great questions, guys. While I have total faith in Go-To as being safe for even sensitive skins, (many of the ingredients in Very Useful Face Cream and Exceptionoil were chosen for their inflammatory and calming properties, for instance) Accutane and acne-prone skins have very specific needs, so I am going to check with my biochemist and report back asap.

      The most active ingredient in the whole range is the lactic acid (the most gentle of all the AHAs) in the Swipeys, and that would be the one I would be hesitant to recommend to very raw and compromised skin…

      Stay tuned!

    • fruity

      Okay! My fantastic biochemist – who actually helped develop Orotane, which is Douglas Pharmaceuticals (New Zealand largest pharmaceutical manufacturer) generic equivalent of Accutane – said the following about Go-To and acne-prone or crazy sensitive skin:

      “It’s only the Swipeys should they be cautious with, and only for the very sensitive rash prone skin.”

      That said… “most acne is due to over oily production of sebum, causing blocked pores which can become infected and inflamed. Gentle exfoliating will help most people as long as their skin is not also very sensitive… The Go-To cleanser is mild, but since Accutane can make skin sensitive to things that have any level of activity, no matter how low, (the cleanser has willow bark extract) it might come down to a personal trial and seeing how you go.”

      Very Useful Face Cream should be fine. Ditto Exceptionoil. (As they have no ‘active’ ingredients.)

      The difference between Go-To and the other brands mentioned in your comments girls, is that Go-To contains extremely pure ingredients/no chemical irritants, so I would certainly recommend trying us.

      I hope this helps!

      • Trisha

        Hi Zoe

        Thank you so much for the feedback, will definitely get on to purchasing your lovely items!

        Thank you again.

        P.S Love the wrong girl, althought airkisses is still my personal fav!

      • Sarah (two)

        Thank you so much Zoe!! I have ordered the Very Useful Face Cream & Exceptionoil and am very excited to give them both a go!!

        Also, as I’m a part of the miniscule percentage of the population that reacts terribly to aloe vera – which inconveniently, is found in almost every sensitive skin moisturiser… grrrr!!! – I am SO RELIEVED you’ve made one without it!! Thank you!

        Indescribably thrilled that I’m about to receive products that are ACTUALLY safe for sensitive skin (instead of just pretending to be!)

      • Sarah (one)

        Thanks heaps Zoe!!!

        That’s all amazing fantastic news and I am so excited to try them all. Hopefully my skin won’t react – but I’ll definitely use the Swipeys with caution, and maybe hold out on getting the face wash until my skins back to normal. Worst case scenario (other than irritated sore skin – which I doubt will happen) the Swipeys will have a happy spot on my vanity waiting patiently for the next few months until I’m off the meds!

        I’m also SO looking forward to trying out Lips, given the nastiest side effect I’ve struggled with so far has been cracked and peeling lips. My fingers and toes are crossed that it will be the holy grail lip product I’ve been searching for…

  • Tiki

    Cute packaging! Love the site! Ordered! I picked the oil and face cream to try out first 🙂 the products sound lovely, can’t wait until they arrive. Thanks Zoe, for giving us Fruits the opportunity to be first on the bandwagon :))))

  • Sekai

    Am stoked to be able to order and can. Not.wait. for said prod to arrive. Will there be a hand cream further downthe line. Well done you. Sooooo excitedxx

  • Ana

    It all looks amazing. Cant wait for the arrival!
    Top job! To translate: ‘you go Glen Coco!”

  • Katia

    I must have missed where it stated products wouldn’t be shipped until the end of march…was this on the website or on the blog? Just looking for the date they will be shipped 🙂

  • Jo

    I am just so excited to be able to relax and trust a product(s) for once – I have no concern whatsoever given who has designed and made these! Such a great feeling when you know you are getting value for money, quality and results. Can’t wait for the postman at the end of this month, ya hoo! PS. Waiting for Zoe’s serum – imagine that!

  • Alice

    3 down, 2 to go, challenge accepted! *skins already glowing with excitement!

  • Jen M

    Just bought the 3 pre-sale items – not a “need” right now but a very big want! Big compliments on the whole vibe of the website. I work alot with developing ‘client experience’ in my firm and I have to say, the website has its own personality, setting it apart from other beauty sites. It’s fun, fresh and interesting.

    During my purchase I found I was keen to find out what little witty sidenotes the next interaction would bring! (eg can’t make payment in crumpets, cats, smileys for the postie) It’s been well thought through. I’d encourage you to change it up every now and then to keep us guessing!

    Thanks and I look forward to my treats later in the month! xx

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  • Pip

    Hi Zoe,
    Your new range sounds like a dream come true for my uber sensitive skin!
    Would the oil be okay to use on my face, (it gets super dry in winter) If so, when would be best to put it on in my skin are regime, at night?

  • Iro

    Hi Zoe – firstly huuuge CONGRATULATIONS on launching Go-To! I’ve ordered all three products and cannot flippin’ wait to receive them.

    Quick question re: sunscreen – totally understand why you haven’t put SPF in Very Useful Face Cream (and don’t worry, I will continue using my physical sunscreen!) however should I be putting sunscreen on before or after the face cream? Reason I ask is because on the Go-To website it says use the cream before SPF, however your article on sunscreen from June last year says to apply SPF on clean skin….can you please clarify for moi?

    Thank you! Iro x

    • Iro

      P.S. I totally don’t mean to sound like a stalker…”oh your article from June LAST YEAR…” haha!

    • fruity

      Yes! I can clarify, and you’re not the first to pick up on this. I changed my mind and switched to physical sunscreens a few months back (search physical at the top of this page and the post will come up) after years of using chemical ones.
      Chemical sunscreens are to be applied on clean skin, AKA, first.
      Physical (mineral and zinc based) sunscreens are applied on top of everything, just under your makeup. (Or if you don’t use any serums or moisturisers, they can go on clean skin because that is both first AND last for you.)
      So, with Very Useful Face Cream, you would apply that, then a physical sunscreen. If you prefer chemical sunscreens, you would apply those and THEN Very Useful Face Cream, but I don’t love that idea personally. Physical for the win!

      • Iro

        You’re a gem – thank you for clarifying! I totally agree – physical sunscreen all the way – I get the heebie geebies thinking about chemical sunscreens. Am loving the Aspect and the O Cosmedics at the moment!!

  • Rosie

    Are you smiling because you just completed a pre-order of go-to goodness? No you dingus, I’m smiling because of all the quirky little commentary that greeted me WHILE I was completing my order. Nice job Zoe!

  • Sarah p

    I am a fruit from waaaay back (back back way back as a hip hop song would go) and I am bananas excited thank you fosters for being so amazing! Yippeeee end of march postage! Wheeeeee

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  • Sophie

    Hi Zoe
    I’m super excited about your new skin care collection and can’t wait to try the exfoliating swipeys but I was wondering if the collection will also include an eye makeup remover?

    I have been struggling to find one that manages to remove everything. I’m not even one of those people that wears a heap of liner and eyeshadow (as much as I wish I could pull of the Gina from RHOM look I just can’t) but I still find makeup residue under my eyes after using eye makeup remover, Dermalogica precleanse and normal cleanser.

    If you aren’t including a makeup remover can you (or another fruit) recommend something good? I’ve already tried a few of the drugstore brands.


    • kateyb1@ gmail.com

      If Zoe doesn’t do one – then Bioderma Crealine. French pharmacy wonder you can now get at Priceline. If Zoe does one – then what she ‘s got.

  • Abbey

    Any ideas as to when the products will be shipped? I purchased my order almost 2 weeks ago and I haven’t received my email to confirm that the order has been shipped.
    Thanks, Abbey xo

  • Liz

    Hi there, got my products yesterday and just wanted to say that the Exceptionoil smells unbelievably amazing! Yet to try the swipeys but the oil is fabulous

  • Amy

    ZOMG! I JUST PURCHASED MY FIRST ORDER OF GOTO AND I’M SO EXCITED! I’ll be the girl impatiently waiting at the mailbox every morning hoping Mr. Mailman has something special for me! *Internally screams*

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