Coming soon: the best face oil you’ve never tried.

Occasionally I have to stop nibbling caviar and patting my pet leopard Darren to make a new Go-To skin care product.

Yes, a range of five fabulous products is a tight, practical, meaningful edit, but there are other skin care items a lady might like to use, or as I like to say, should definitely use, in order to keep her skin authentically happy, healthy and very alluring.

It will come as exactly zero surprise to anyone who’s read any of my beauty writing in the last 10 years that my new product, on sale next month, contains rosehip oil.

I have been annoying innocent folk about its many marvellous attributes for a very long time, and my mother has been going on about it longer still. It’s deeply hydrating, it’s full of essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins, it’s restorative, helps with scarring and irritation, sinks in quickly, and makes skin happy.

HOWEVER, as I wrote here, some rosehip oils for sale are off (rancid, oxidising rapidly when exposed to sunlight or air) by the time they reach the consumer, making them about as useful as a doona in Dubai. Rosehip oil needs to be complemented by anti-oxidants to stay useful, and retain its many benefits.

So I thought, why not make a rosehip oil… but then turbocharge it with nine other beautiful pure plant and nut oils to make it a super powerful, definitely not rancid, all-encompassing…. MEGA FACE OIL!!!!!!

And I did. It’s the brand new Go-To product, Face Hero.


It’s gonna be your best skin friend. Truly, it is. Boy are you gonna love it.

The star of Face Hero is the astonishing Buriti (say it with me, bur-ee-chee) oil, a vibrant orange elixir that gives Face Hero its lovely rich colour. Buriti oil is packed with essential fatty acids to rebuild and rehydrate and restore skin cells, anti-oxidants to scavenge free radicals, it replenishes skin damaged from UV or inflammation, PLUS it heals and calms irritated or upset skin. It’s phenomenal stuff.

Other oils invited to this exclusive party are Brazil nut oil and arnica oil and calendula oil and almond oil and Jojoba oil and macadamia oil and evening primrose oil and kiwi fruit seed oil and of course, rosehip oil, as well as vitamin E and other bonus anti-oxidants… all of which means Face Hero hydrates the god damn heck out of your skin, brightens it, thoroughly protects it from the signs of ageing and inflammation, and biffs away all the other nasty shit that visibly ages us.

It’s completely pure, deliciously lightweight, sinks in like a dream, smells of orange blossoms and magic, and keeps your skin in TOP form. I have been using it for six months and aside of being intensely proud of it, and wildly obsessive about it, I think my skin is in terrific shape, despite overseas trips, snow, wind, planes, sun etc etc thanks to Face Hero kicking so much arse.

Use it on clean skin, underneath your sunscreen or face cream, day and night. (It’s not a serum, it’s a face oil (different), so be sure to use it on top of any serums you’re using.)

It’s on sale FEBRUARY 26 exclusively from gotoskincare.com. There is a special pre-sale for Goconuts, so stay alert but not alarmed for a newsletter announcing those details soon.

Til then…..



Responses to this drivel: 18 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 18 )
  • Go-to lover

    Hey Zo, thanks for making Go-To – it’s the best skincare I’ve used and smells oh-so-delish.

    I too am a cold sore sufferer and have read a lot of reports about avoiding foods containing arginine. Sadly ‘they’ say that nuts are the biggest culprit of arginine. It’s always hard to tell with bloody cold sores but since I’ve cut out foods with high arginine, my outbreaks seem to have lessened. What are your thoughts – do you think using nut oils on your skin is the same effect as consuming through diet?

  • Mads

    Will this be good for normal/combo skins that suffer from the occasional angry breakout…?
    P.S. Love Go-To. It’s my…uh, go-to.

  • Zoe FJ

    I’m a bit fan of your products, particularly this cleanser. Best I’ve ever used. Very excited about this new addition to the family! However, I’m slightly concerned about the Orange Blossom fragrance. Does it contain citrus oils? My skin is sensitive and the phototoxic properties of citrus oils are a bit of an issue for me. Also, was very pleased to receive a sample of the body oil and as soon as my Goe oil is finished I’ll be ordering it! It’s much more sinky-inny that Goe. Top stuff. 

  • Erica

    Hi Zoe!! I am SO excited about Face Hero <3 cannot contain myself. I have a food allergy to kiwifruit, do you think the kiwifruit seed oil will do nasties on my face? I certainly hope not… x

    • Jo

      I also have a kiwi fruit allergy…

      My heart sank when I read those words.

      Fingers crossed we can still reap the benefits. I use all the other Go-To products and am very much a fan.  

  • Ally

    Sounds awesome! I’d love to hear why you recommend night time use of the face oil. I read some interesting advice from Dr Hauschka recently which basically says that using night creams can be counterproductive. So I stopped putting anything on my face at night time and my skin seems to be a lot happier. But would love to know your thoughts on the subject (in case my skin will be worse off in the long run!). 

  • Jules

    Is this safe to use if you are pregnant?

  • Joanne

    Best dang news of the year so far! I cannot wait! 

  • Amber J

    Pardon my ignorance but *gulp* what’s the difference between a face oil and a serum? Here I was thinking I was being a very clever serum user with my daily rose hip oil application…

  • Anna

    Why did you include Arnica Oil as used topically regularly this is a known irritant.  Why why why?

  • Zoe Wheeler

    Zoe! I will be going to Africa on honeymoon in June/July for 6 weeks. Will have minimal storage space and will be on a 30-day tour roughing it. What products would you recommend to take with me?!! 

  • Mel

    I’ve read that Rosehip oil can be used as a serum. Could those of us with tight purse strings use this as a serum? Love the look of this, this goconut has put in my order!

  • Jodie

    Hi Zo! First of all, I la-la-love the entire go-to range. I have all the products and they are just fab!! I have a quick question though about the need to use the range in conjunction with additional products. I am a 20 year old HPE teacher (so I work outside and in the sun daily). I am starting to notice fine lines under and around my eye area. I take incredibly good care of my skin, wear 50+ sunscreen daily and I am wondering if I should invest in an eye serum/cream to prevent any further damage. I have incredibly sensitive skin (eczema/dermatitis etc) and often favour natural or organic products. Thanks a million in advance! Jodie Xoxo

  • Chantelle

    Hi Zoe I’m currently using A cleanser and then plunkett super fade at night, would I use face hero on top or underneath?

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